MEDIMA professionals manage the logistical cycle for international shipments from start to finish, and strive to source the most cost – and – time effective methods of transportation for all shipments..


With a staff of licensed Customs brokers in-house, MEDIMA is fully capable of ensuring that all North American imports are correctly processed.  MEDIMA self-files Importer Security data with US Customs and Border Protection, and has earned a superior compliance rating with US and Canadian Customs.


MEDIMA works in partnership with ISO Certified warehouses throughout North America.  Their state-of-the-art crushing and packaging systems allow MEDIMA the flexibility to provide material for any application to our customers.


MEDIMA’s logistics team has many years of freight expertise and we specialize in moving materials throughout North America. Utilizing an extensive network of reliable carriers, we deliver bulk and packaged materials promptly and efficiently to customers in Canada, USA, and Mexico.


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