GMI Spain Partners with North American Company

GMI is a Cored Wire Manufacturer whose objective is to become a leading supplier of Cored Wire products for foundries and steel plants.  In exclusive cooperation with MEDIMA, a principal alloy seller in North America, our careful selection of raw materials for each purpose allows us the ability to offer highest quality Cored Wire products based on different alloys for the iron and steel industry.

Source:  The Guardian

ITALMAGNESIO/TRABLIN has authorized MEDIMA to market its products in the United States

ITALMAGNESIO has supplied Foundry Grade Inoculants and Magnesium Ferrosilicon to North America for thirty years and is one of the major producers of ferroalloys in Brazil.  Their extensive line of products include:






MEDIMA is marketing and storing these materials throughout the US, and all available for prompt or long-term deliveries.  Technical information and advice regarding the application of these products is available from ITALMAGNESIO.

Source: Foundry Gate

Metalliage hires MEDIMA as North America agent

Canadian ferrotitanium producer Metalliage has appointed Buffalo, New York-based MEDIMA as its exclusive North American sales agent, MEDIMA said Friday. Metalliage is based near Montreal, Quebec, and produces FeTi 70% and FeTi 35%. It also sells a range of unprocessed and processed titanium turnings.

MEDIMA, founded by ferroalloys trader Barry Lazar earlier this year, also has the exclusive North American agency for Samancor Chrome in South Africa, the world’s second largest charge chrome producer in the world and one of the largest suppliers to the US market of charge chrome and intermediate carbon ferrochome. MEDIMA is also North American agent for German low-carbon ferrochrome and electrolytic chromium producer RCS/EWW.

Source: Platts